Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wooden bank project

Required material
Pcs. Description Material Dimensions
4 wooden beams 2000 mm
1 bottle of walnut wood stain
1 can of cream white paint
1 Leatherette 1.0 * 1.4
1 multiplex board
1 threaded rod
Tools Needed
Cordless Screwdrivers
Cordless Circular Saw
Table Saw
Random Orbit Sander
Miter saw


Cut wooden beams

4 wooden beams (5,8cm * 7,8cm) with 200cm total length
cut in 45 ° miter at 45 cm.
Thus, a seat height of 45 cm results on the beam
plus seat pads

Connect wooden beams with 45 ° pieces

For the 45 ° beamed pieces with the remaining
Connecting bar I used here
first Lamellos and glued everything

Grinding bar

Here were the bars with the PEX 270
ground outdoors

Undercover Jig

As additional support for the bars
I'm still with the Undercover Jig
bolted parts

Pickling bar

The bars I then with Mordant
Dark walnut painted and allow to dry

Making cube

As a 2nd pillar of the Bank, I have a
Cube made while I cut from a larger
Plate with the PKS 18 LI, the parts made,
I cut later with the PTS 10
The height of the cube is 37,2cm
The width and depth of 32,2cm

For the cube I wanted no visible. Make connections, ie see screws.
Therefore, I decided to provide you with everything Lamellos

Glue cube

Here all the parts have been glued together and then ground.

Paint cube

Here the cube in cream white was lacquered

Screw cube with beams

Here I have the cube with the bar screwed bottom

Fix distance blocks

First 3 pieces with the cut-off saw cut then painted and secured.
After the glue I used the auger a hole drilled through all parts and a threaded rod

Customize leatherette upholstery

First, I have on the back of the leather
the pattern shown.
Then cut, tacked the corners before sewing
sewn and stapled with the PTk the reference to the seat cushion

Completely project

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