Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wood Project: Wooden High chair

The third piece of furniture my son, is made of 18 mm beech laminated wood, it should fit the existing stool. The steps are similar to the stools, but I have yet again added a construction manual with drawings.

Required material

1 multiplex birch 9x500x380mm
2 Glued Beech 18x500x380mm
2 Glued Beech 18x400x140mm
2 Glued Beech 18x400x100mm
1 round rod Beech 25x320mm
16 Round dowel beech 8x35mm

1 Create the template for the side parts

The desired shape of the side parts is transferred to a 9 mm plywood, in my case, the chair should have a shape similar to the stools. The contours are cut cleanly with the jigsaw and then smoothed with sandpaper. The clean the stencil, the better the original.
2 Cut of 18 mm Beech Glued

The blank was made with the portable circular saw with guide rail.
2 x 380x500mm side parts
2 x 400x140mm seat
2 x 400x100mm backrest

3 template from 9mm multiplex on the workpiece

My prefabricated template I transferred to the cut sides.
Since I ausfräse the contours of the side parts with the router and trim bits, I have attached the template with two small screws on the workpiece. The lower screw hole serves as a teaser for the 25 mm Spell.
4  Contours coarsely with a jigsaw

The contours of the side parts I coarsely with a jigsaw cut approximately 3mm from the scribe.

5 Press the router and edge trimming cutter mill out contours

The final contour of the side parts I milled with the router and trim bits. It is important to ensure that does not shift the stencil and the ball bearings of the cutter clean abuts the template.

6 Marking and drill the 8 mm dowel holes

The final position of the seat surface and backrest on the sides is marked (around is the seat and backrest 20 mm before). the holes will then 8 mm milled in both workpieces with the Duo-Dübler. To make sure that everything fits together stuck to possibly be able to rework again.

7 Drill the 25 mm holes for the cross brace drill the 25 mm holes for the cross strut

The 25 mm holes for the cross strut were drilled with the router. By screwing the template on the workpiece was the lower attachment point at the same time the scribe of the crossbar. When drilling necessarily Edgings inferior.

8 Round off all parts rounding of all parts

All edges have been broken with the router and 4mm ogee.

9 Grind loops of the individual components of the individual components
All parts were sanded before gluing together with the sander and 240 grit.

10 Glue of items

All parts are thinly coated with gum, into the dowels and glue brought in. subsequently the parts are put together and wipe with clamps fixed. excess glue immediately with a damp cloth away.

11 Surface treatment with hard wax oil

The children's chair is treated with hard wax oil, which is applied with a linen cloth. After the first application of the chair with 400 grit sandpaper is lightly sanded and then treated with a further 2 × oil, after the last order of the chair is polished with a lambskin cap on sander.

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