Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wood Project: Wood Target Water

I hope that the target water and treat yourself after their application the fire fighters.
Before I made the shot support for shooters was realized for the fire department.
When you're done with such a part to get more ideas on which groups yet something must be achieved. Following are guaranteed other liquor carrier.

1 Baseplate

cut and planed wood residues.
record contour and saw out on the band saw.
8 mm deep drill 6 cuts with a 45 mm Forstner bit.
All grind and facet edges with 45 ° cutter with the router

2 Lance

Items finished on the lathe after drawing.
In Figure 2 you can see the part 2 on the lathe.
Parts 1, 2 and 3 can be manufactured from one piece. (With the same type of wood)
assemble and glue items

3 Assembly

In Strahlroh and baseplate each 2 holes drill 4mm for joining the two parts. image 2
The two parts 2 x 4mm book Rods glue.
Figure 4 shows a support for device Hauseinweihung it was drilled a 8mm hole in the mouthpiece.
The bracket is made of 8mm rod
The lettering was applied to 4mm plywood, and all the parts glued together.
The logo I drew front first and then burned him with a firing device (internal Peter Junior).
Figure 5 is a gift for a fire fighter to his 40th birthday.

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