Saturday, September 22, 2018

How to work wood in an innovative way

Wood working is definitely one of the most appreciated hobbies by those who have a passion for do-it-yourself and DIY. From tables, to chairs, desks, cribs and so on and so forth, working wood is a hobby that makes it possible to create the most varied objects and furniture.
But for those who want a bit more creativity and innovation, today we want to recommend two completely original ways to work with wood, creating something new and personalized.
For example a very nice idea, ideal for those who have to furnish a house or for those who want to make a gift different from the usual, is that of the wooden lampshade. To create this object you will need strips of wood veneer, white glue, large enough clips, scissors, a lamp base (those of Ikea are perfect for those who like to save money), a pen and cardboard.

Before starting work, take a low-voltage light bulb otherwise you risk firing the whole house. Take the right precautions, take the strips of wood and create circles based on the size you want to give to the lampshade, joining the ends with the glue and locking them with the clips. Then join the strips interlocking them irregularly and join the different strips with the remaining clips.
At this point let the glue dry and unscrew the base of the lamp tracing its outline on the cardboard. Cut out the circle and insert the base of the lamp by fixing the cardboard with glue. Wait until the glue dries and you're done!

Another nice idea is that of the wooden cradle, ideal for future dads who want to try their hand at something classic but certainly personalized and original.
Here the games become harder, in any case, arm yourself with a circular saw, hacksaw, column drill, wood drill bits, angle clamps, vetra paper and a metal rod.
And then of course we do not forget the main element: wood! Choose the type you prefer and ... good job!

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