Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wooden Project: Birthday card with wood macbook

A friend of mine has become 30 years old and as I reported reliable sources, he wants to buy a new laptop. I decided to support him through a voucher in his intention. A certificate alone always seems a little easy and should specifically the 30th forth something special. From two wooden boards then was a birthday card made of wood.

1 Manufacturing

The construction itself is relatively simple to implement and within about 2 hours.
Who does not have the option of using a CNC milling machine, can burn with a soldering iron the designs.

1. Files for milling create (Figure 1-3)
2. Next two boards to size Cutting 380x250
3. Clamp boards in the CNC milling and mill
4. The outer edges of the router and a Rounding round
5. grind Both boards
6. Lay the boards with each other and with hinges connect
7. treat surfaces with furniture wax and done

PS: Of course not stick the coupon with double sided tape on Touchpad

2 Other images

A birthday card with a difference;)

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