Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wood project: Wood vase

Required material
Pcs. Description Material Dimensions
1 piece greengage tree wood thickness 3.5 cm, width 11 cm
tools needed
Scroll saw, Hegner, Multicut SE
Multifunction tool, fine, multi-master
spindle sander
Various grinder
1 First the considerations

Template Drilling at an angle
Yes give already have made here in this way some vases, I also dare it. I took a piece of dry wood ring Lotte (thickness 3.5 cm). Here was the first thoughts error because by the strength I had to cut an angle of 16 ° (which has Vase something ???).
So I have the template by circles drawn directly on the wood, and drilled the holes for the inner sections.

2 Cutting

Cover first angularly Gathering
So asked the cover at 16 ° and ran divorced ans. Since it is hard wood I cut with surgical mask to avoid inhaling the dust. The first compilation, fell to with that it would have been advantageous to the piece of wood first to hunt through the thickness planer .... Well ok, I had just a depression in each ring, so a hole.
Not much more I was annoyed about the fact that I have the ring of blade guide something angesäbelt (about 2 cm), clearly not on schedule!

3 Glue

 Gluing glued inside cut last ring
Allen frustration despite I glued together first 3 rings. The lower I provisionally times omitted in order to allow grinding. The coarse grinding I have carried out with the spindle sander, also under mouthguard.

4 Grind

Coarse sanding fine sanding brushing
Since my project now was so much care, I have the Rohschliff outside carried out with the belt sander (On grinders even seen the success of the mounted suction ... Maybe I should channel clean times ...) then sanded with the multi-master , Freed from the dust and means clearcoat 2 deleted times.

5 Considerations what it could be because now

Vase for decoration? Looks kinda ... from vase as a vase - unsuitable Whatever
Vase: is to wobbly, feet would need clear coat not waterproof, and in the holes ???
French operator: self-explanatory
overthrown as lampshade: maximum for single spots
Drinking vessel: suitable for a maximum eve ...

On good German: no idea what I have now actually built!
For ideas and suggestions I hold open my ears!

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