Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wood Project: Beagle Puzzle Wood

Tools Needed
Cordless Screwdriver
Saw Station

1 template on Hardwood

From the presentation I recorded my Wauzi wood plate
2 sawed clean with the scroll saw

First, I have the Beagle completely cut out and then breaks down the Wauzi in all items clean with the scroll saw.
The sawn-ball and the nose I have taken as a template, cut out from the Wenge wood.
Finally, I have the eye drilled and incorporated a mini tee wenge wood.

3 From the items, the sanding corners round

Of the items I then sanded with the mini tool the edges around and about the areas I'm with old worn sandpaper and with a fine sanding sponge and have thus the pencil marks with from the preparatory drawing.

4 joining and coating with clear lacquer

The items that should be darkened (stains from fur), I burned with the heat gun.
Then I had to put together and stick only the items.

Last but not least I have with toy conditionally fit !!!!

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