Friday, February 12, 2016

Wooden Project: Pen tray Cannon


1 dowel rod 6 mm wood
1 pens
1 wood residues
tools needed
drilling machine
sanding pad
band saw
various drills

First of all I have all the parts cut, cut 2 wheels with the hole saw and the inside still milled and drilled a little in the middle with a hole for the axle.
To ornament made only 4 holes.
The axis is a 6 mm dowel.

A piece square wood with 20 mm drilled and cut to accommodate the gun barrel 120mm x 20mm.
The hole in the guns I have with 13 mm Made for the pen.

Then grind and glue all the parts.
At the front end, I have a 6 mm dowel
still attached a 12 mm wooden ball.
Finally, everything waxed.

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