Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wood Project: Wood iphone holder

Here is a small project for iPhone 5S. There they are indeed already to thousands on the market, but it should also be seen something different and also nice when things is not there.
Wood, iphone, mobile phone holder, docking station

Required material
Pcs. Description Material Dimensions
1 wood residues wood 11x70x1cm
1 iPhone charger cable
tools needed
Cordless Drill
scroll saw
wood glue
abrasive paper

1 Sawing and gluing

Posted I have this wood from a parquet floor. Did it get time from a Spezel a box full with individual strips. The I glued together and polished for my purposes.

2 Grind

3 Motive

How can i create it in all sawing with the scroll saw, I plot the subject of me, and then glue it to the plate. Next I drill 2 holes so big where I can thread the blade and saw the motifs.

4 Base sawing, drilling and gluing

The base I sawed on one side with 15 °, after which the plate is subsequently glued. In the filing, after which the iPhone is a recess for the plug is drilled. Now, the hole for the plug through the base and plate. If then everything fits sticking the plug with epoxy. Done

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