Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wood Project: Wooden planet

Required material
Pcs. Description Material Dimensions
22 Spruce boards Spruce 1.2mx 18cm x 2.5cm
40 Spax 50mm x 4mm
15 Spax 70mm x 6mm

1 floor box

Take 3 floorboards length 1.20 m 18 cm x 2.5 cm.
And they connect to the side parts.

Important always drilling and countersinking, thus the boards may tear at the Spax screws.

2 Side boards with cross boards

Now the side boards L 1.20 Screw on the bottom box.

The first transversal boards couple directly to the Lateral boards screw, inclined slightly outwards.

For the 2 boards pair you first need a trapezoid Brett L 30 cm screw on the side boards.
3 Repeat step 2 yet 2x

Step 2 with 4 boards pairs repeat 2 times.

And finally a center Plumb board screw.

4 Earth

Now the whole thing with 60L potting soil fill and grow.

The special feature here is that the various floors are open downwardly so reinpasst more earth.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture as it looks waxed. The spring leaves yet to come.

5 Waxed with all kinds of herbs

Now slowly everything is grown.
Stone cloves, chamomile, Färberkamille, thyme, sage, parsley, chives and bottom even potato ..

A little I also required to amend, since eineige the 50x4 screws are terminated occur quite high forces.

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