Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Wood Project: Pear Wood

The source material is Swabian pear and very long deposited. I still had leftovers available. Due to the length I have planed the good piece by hand.

1. In the center receives the prepared blank two holes, much more comfortable for later operation. The chip volume was considerable with this hard wood.

2. I have milled the air and light slots with the router and a template. The clamping is not that easy, but it does not depend on high accuracy.

3. At the bottom, I have a small fold as in the original, a small mistake has the fold grow something.

4. I have sanded the small part to grit 240, by this form quite expensive.

5. I sealed the surface with hard oil. For a slightly livelier picture, I applied a layer of linseed oil varnish

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