Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Wood project: Wooden chest

It can now serve as a storage box for toys, and later be used for other purposes. Sustainable, because a wooden chest can safely survive generations.

As wood I used again my raw oak planks with 5cm thickness. With my circular saw the planks were then separated in the middle and planed to 18mm oak boards. The boards were put together with the teachings by Wolfcraft and glued to the carcass. The lid was also connected to the body with a dowel connection. The floor was milled and nailed with 8mm alder boards (made from my raw 30mm alder boards).

After the chest was completely glued, I cut away the lid with the circular saw. The hinges were sunk and screwed and also the closure was mounted. The chest was then treated twice with a mixture of linseed oil, balsam turpentine and beeswax. Finally, the corner fittings came up so that the edges are protected.

All in all, the chest was an immense amount of time that I definitely underestimated. I think it was safe for the 20 hours I had to spend (from the raw boards to the finished chest). However, if one calculates that such a chest can survive generations, then the total workload becomes relative again. Here are a few photos of the finished chest (dimensions 60x37x29cm (WxDxH))

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