Saturday, September 22, 2018

Wooden Project: Bottle rack made of oak

New edition bottle rack made of oak
Our bottle rack was jealously eyed by friends of ours for some time, and at some point they asked me to make another. By provided and already planed wood the effort was not particularly large.

1. The floor gets a fold and will sit in a groove.
2. The grooves for the floor and the partitions are milled.
3. The side walls are initially glued only mitred.
4. The whole construction is stretched with adhesive tape.
5. The corners are stabilized with milled feathers. The milling is very good with a flat dowel bur. Heiko Rech and Michael Hild have come up with very clever devices for this. I have now built such a device.
6. The feathers made of wenge provide contrast.
7. The handle is fastened to the body with dowels made of wenge. The dowels are very easy to produce with a punch.
8. The cross strut is attached with domino buckles.
9. The bottle rack has been in use for a few months, it still licks and holds.

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