Monday, February 1, 2016

Wood Project: Wood spice rask

For my son, I should make a spice rack. His girlfriend is cooking a lot with the Thermomix and needs a lot of spices, so were all the small ceramic and glass bottles on the shelf rum. In a small kitchen which is anyway a NOGO. So was acted quickly

Since my son has requested a coated shelf, I could use waste wood from my collection again.
It was important only that should find the spice jars recently purchased in place.

The rest was left to me.
Of course, I have planned a course for the oil and space for the larger spice jars.
So seek first the wood together and mark off.
Then with his hand jigsaw saw out all the parts.
The sawn edges I pulled still nice and smooth with the planing and also to eliminate irregularities.
After all items were cut and planed, I have to be able to put together the spice rack for any deviations to see and resolve.
But it all fit as it should.

Since I to bolt together reluctant, as I reached into my other projects to 8er dowel.
No sooner have I started it almost regretted. Was it not clear to me how many I had to put dowels.
Again, my dearly beloved anchor Master came back into use.
The anchor itself, I have also glued directly.
Afterwards everything dry again stuck together to control everything.

Thus, the glass does not accidentally slip off shelf, needed a non-slip edge.
Since I wanted to make a nice profile strip to the spice rack anyway, I have taken the same bar for the individual shelves.
To the shelf, I first cut the bars at the 45 degree angle and secured first with clamps on the frame to measure and then sawing the inner strips can
After that I first glued the strips on the shelves.

After the strips were dried on the shelves, I have taken the shelf which has been put together only once dry to emphasize apart again.
After that, it was a light shade of cream painted.
Now let everything dry

Now everything has been glued together.
Finally, then gluing the outer profile strips.
Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the suspension.
This I have done over the entire rear face at a frensh Cleat System.
All the glasses and alone is the shelf has pretty weight, and at the stupid walls that has been the better idea for me.

My son and his girlfriend did not want back wall for the shelf, they have where the shelf towards the wall should specially painted in color.

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