Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wood Project: Wood bench glow in the Dark

Bank - Glow in the Dark bank, garden bench, epoxy resin, strontium, luminescent pigments, in fluorescent, glow in the dark

Actually, I was going to make two wallboards for my not perennials, as called me my sister and crystallized out somehow that she would like to have a new garden bench and since Christmas is was from which these bank.

And actually would ich's then tackled differently (trim, reinmachen cracks, sanding, dowel drill / pure glue on one side, color od scarfing -. I'd still like to made -, epoxy / luminescent pigments pure, dry / grinding, epoxy over it) but it was just not the case.
Bench, garden bench, epoxy resin, strontium, luminescent pigments, in fluorescent, glow in the dark

Required material
Pcs. Description Material Dimensions
1 wooden plate 120x30x3
1 wooden plate 120x40x3
1 wooden plate 120x50x3
Luminescent pigments
Tools Needed
Orbital Sander
Belt sander
Orbital Sander
Hot air blower
Belt sander
Cordless Drill
Cordless Drill
Hot air blower
Belt sander
Orbital Sander

First day

Cracks kick it grinding resin / fluorescent pigments pure
So I got out the cracks in the boards (fir glulam 120x40x3 or 120x30x3 cm) made, epoxy filled with luminescent pigments in the cracks (how to do this can and should read one of my previous projects, there is everything important for resin), only one still if the resin is stored in a cold environment to warm in the water bath and allow to cool to 18-20 Grad, it's too cold, it could crystallize.

The resin had to harden and then at some point the day I have with my sister on the phone.

Second day

Cut and sanded

 cut and sanded dowel holes drilled to fit sample sit, is stable, does not need a bar
I had a third panel here 120x50x3 cm, ideal for the stayers and the Bank should / be even dismantled transportable. So I got the next Stayers recorded (the seat is 40cm high, the holder for the rest is 75cm high) and cut out with a jigsaw.
Now I had 4 rectangular parts, I did not like. So considering a shape center marked with seat and backrest, marked the rest freehand and then cut out with a jigsaw. In my opinion, does not have to look like from the CNC.

Then only the uprights were fixed in parallel with clamps, first cut simultaneously with the belt sander and then again reworked the cutouts of the seat and the backrest so.
Now the edges have been rounded everything a few times sanded with the orbital sander and 240 grit. Then the dowel holes have been drilled, checked if they fit and glued into the seat and backrest. Assembled and even checked if I have to move a beam, but that does not needs of use, is stable.

Third day

made a photo of the underside
Made 1 / 1 uje a photo from the bottom
Brushing garage was now his turn, because then epoxy was mixed again.
At first everything cleaned parts correctly (eg compressed air), then adapted PE film and everything first with Epoxy are brushed that the wood can soak times. A little later all parts were jacked horizontally. Distributes epoxy in 100g increments thereon and with a breitzahnigen ridge (similar to a floor adhesive putty) evenly distributed. The bubbles were a Bunzenbrenner rausgeholt (heat gun goes / hair dryer but not). What should flowed away side go his way. The drops then I've a couple and about every hour. Removed with a brush. Now you have the dry again until.

Fourth day

Dry it, but never let it dry in the sun, becomes milky

 and dry it is, but never let it dry in the sun, is milky super glossy and I super happy
A week later, I then made the front, first again sanded smooth the edge and where already Epoxit with acetone cleaner over it. In principle, then the same only I have the edge of the bottom sealed with packing tape and then cut the contour with a utility knife and then drop formation often controlled by a few hours. Is the past. The brush can then all wegschmeisen.
The parts of the bank are later glued together with epoxy.

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