Monday, February 1, 2016

Wood Project: Wooden tractor

Required material
Pcs. Description Material Dimensions
4 Special screws Steel
1m square timber 4x5 cm
1 residual wood panel wood 200x300x18 mm

Abrasive paper
Tools Needed
Impact Drill
Table Saw
Impact Drill
Impact Drill
Table Saw
Impact Drill
Router table

Making basic body

Side view sticking and ... sawing and grinding much ...
Four 30 cm long pieces of ca 4x5 cm square timber were initially glued together.
On the website of Frank Howarth man may refresh your browser view down.
The eye is printed and glued, after drying of the glue.
then diligently sawed and grinded.

Tractor transmission sticking

Now come the interesting things ...
From a 5 cm thick round timber a 7 cm wide transmission is made. I write here is not "Turned" because it does not look and I do not have the machine for it. I got it so clamped between a ball bearing and a drill and then processed primarily using files and sandpaper.
Thus, it can be glue, it is first milled or slightly flattened, about 1cm deep and the width of the base body.
So the whole thing also endures something is secured with a 8ter wooden dowels to connect.

Manufacture wheel

Wheels milling Picture of today, so tractor No.3 ... Be careful when rounding ... and grinding busy again ...
From waste wood, the wheels are made. With a round cutter head a semicircular groove is first milled from both sides. After that the final size is milled (here 11,5 and 8 cm). The wheels shown in the first image are designed for a smaller model. The device illustrated below has been presented here in the forum of other friends.

Now I have the wheels topped off with the cutter. When I had a destroyed in the process, I decided to make three new of this size the same and thus laid the foundation stone for the second tractor ...
I have two different sized router for rounding, I use since even the smaller first. So be careful.

Painting or varnishing oils

This makes it pretty and even long stays so I painted the wood with varnish. I have not considered the top of the price, because he was already years in the cellar.

Screw steering wheel and wheels

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