Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wood Wagon

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I just done it. I want to show you my wood wagon


Pcs. Description Material Dimensions
1 timber at will
1 M8 threaded rods
1 Nuts M8
1 sheet metal strips at will

Preparing wood

planed boards, glued and lathed geschliffen.Alle rods.

Customised ladder


For the rungs holes drilled and glued

Customize wheels

Turned wheels, hubs and spokes

Shod wheels

With 20 mm sheets shod the wheels and hubs provided with sleeves made of aluminum pipe,
Hub mounted with 10 mm aluminum tube.


This customized, milled an 8 x 10mm slot for the axes of the threaded rods and glued These - with a bar "hidden" .A disc forms the turntable and all I have mounted on the bottom plate with a not screw means of a self-locking nut.

Pedestrian customized.

The tiller also lathed and assembled everything.

Thank you for read my project, I hope you will like it. If you find wood project plan. I highly reccomended this tutorial

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