Friday, February 5, 2016

Wood project: Wooden Nutcracker

I have seen on the Internet a construction manual for this Nutcracker
and I thought that's a great gift idea.

Nutcracker Tools Needed

Bosch workbench, PWB 600
Bosch cordless drill, PSR 18 LI-2
bench drill
Multifunction Tool, Dremel, Dremel 4000 multitool
Saw Station, Dremel, Dremel Moto-Sow
Belt sander, Ryobi, tape, surface grinder
Jigsaw, Master Craft, pendulum jigsaw
Folding rule
different brushes
The template

I have printed and cut out the publishers.
Now I have the templates for the squirrel with spray adhesive
a birch plywood (40 x 40 x 1.8 cm) glued.
Saw and drilling

Now I have the parts cut out with a jigsaw.
In addition, I drilled with a 8 ter drill at the intended places holes, sharing in the inner I have drilled and share only drilled in the outer.
To remove the stuck templates and smooth the sawing residues I have everything again abraded.
In the boreholes wooden dowels have come with the aid were
the parts put together.

3 The foot

For this I have (30 x 12 x 1.8 cm) taken a birch plywood.
First I drilled 4 small holes in the center of the plywood
(For screwing the squirrel).
Now the plywood with a beech wood bar (3 x 1 cm) was
edgewise edged and flush with the underside of the plywood
glued (glue).
Finally come small angle, again from a beech wood bar (1.5 x 1.5 cm) made on the lower side glued.

4 quot color

To embellish the whole is something I've aufgbracht color.
Remains of a 2 in 1 Wood preservation glaze should bring me sufficient embellishment.

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