Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wood Project: Wooden chopper


Smoked Oak, Europ. Maple, Amarello, Whitewood, walnut, amaranth, mahogany, ash. Designer Garnet Hall.
Size 45 / 100cm.
Silver Grey parts were pickled.
The grinding work was done by hand, the Dremel and with the belt sander. (Not exactly in that order)
The tires are Fumed Oak, smoked maple rims, brake discs made of Whitewood and fenders from Amarello and Ash.
The template 10 times cut Copies, individual parts, glued to the selected wrapped with scotch wood.
(The scotch tape is used as a lubricant)
Adhesive me always a copied document on the table, for the cut parts.
For small projects, all parts are cut out and then started with the grinding.
With such a large and complicated project I have it divided into 3 parts.
After grinding to 240 grit fit testing and looping. Dry the stained parts overnight.
The next day all stick together with glue Express.

Exhaust pipes, gear, etc. is made of maple was after grinding partially pickled and dried overnight. Cylinder and air filter is made of Smoked Oak. Frame parts are made Amarello.

Here petrol tank was adjusted framework after grinding to the motor and glued.
For the seat I wanted something very special, the bark of a walnut.

Rear wheel and assembling

Sawing, grinding grain to 240. Subsequently, the fit checked and further ground with grit 400th Afterwards everything together gluing.
Apply After drying, walnut oil and dry with a linen cloth polishing. done

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