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Wood project: Wood bench

After a long search and finally waiting for the order of furniture, our dining room table was delivered . The cat was previously already there :-)

To not fully determine our very spacious kitchen, dining and living area with chairs around the 2m x 1m large table, we want to 4 chairs like to portray a wooden bench in the same style of the table. The wooden bench is to be placed on the table if required, otherwise you will be somewhere "between parked" on a wall.

The table is indeed made of oak, but as the bank gets a grayish covering coat, this is made from Beech glued panels.

The following is a rough draft, including cutting plan.

The project will be done in the next few days and be ready with great hope before Christmas.

I started the project wooden bench. The purchased Beech edge I brought to the workshop and started with the blank.

The suggestion from the Woodworker Forum, images set to a person to be able to represent workflows better is not so easy. A tripod would be present, but the limited length in my small workshop can only be intended to Photo Settings.
I have noted the suggestion to the attention and will work at this point on.

The cutting of 1800 mm wooden bench width is with a guide rail of 1400mm somewhat difficult and therefore I have the 800 mm guide rail simply laid back. A connecting piece I do not own though, but measure by accurately and clamp the guide rails by Bessey Spring clamps the blank was no problem.

This image shows the Mitel webs, the individual blanks of the boards from which later the scissor legs are made are still missing.

The new body clamps were used directly for the gluing of the middle webs.

To make the 28 mm Strong seat the wooden bench look a little stronger is still glued from below a 18 mm Strong doubling. Since I do not have a sufficient number of clamps to dispose the complete doubling in one to glue.


The lateral doubling, and cutting the seat I have not held on pictures, but in the later finished wooden bench you'll see that what I'm making.
The layout of the individual boards of the scissor legs is carried out, before gluing the outer Bretten yet mutually embedded so that they give an "X".

For the admission of the boards, there are several variants, firstly the caulking with a chisel, the second with the router, but I opted for the compound miter saw. The Kapex 120 Festool offers the possibility to limit the depth of cut. It was introduced in the width of the boards repeatedly cuts in the wood. After cutting, I have knocked out the individual slats with a rubber mallet to later be able to pull off the surface again with the blade side.

Here is the complete embedded boards.
Once I have the first two boards glued as "X", I have in addition to glue each still set one or the other screw in the 2 and 3 board for fixing. The gluing and clamping the boards always take enough time to complete so you could work through at this point continuously until 4 board without a dry break having to insert.

The 4th board is again taken in "X", which was only glued, after all, is not on any side of a screw to be seen.

can make the target the wooden bench ready by Christmas you as managed consider, because yesterday on 23 December 2013, the wooden bench as another piece of furniture positioned in the dining room. The finish line is thus very close, because next week paint is still bought and the dealer is painted gray in a lightweight.

But now first to the already completed work. The cut with the guide rail boards for the double up the "X" - feet were not 100% accurate and therefore all sides had to be ground even after.

Cutting the 45 ° bevels to the feet was no problem with the Kapex for the portion which contacts the ground. The upper part parallel to the lower as compared was a bit difficult, because I had also the center of the bottom up and explore further consider the desired seat depth of the wooden bench.

The planning actually looked like I half feet on the seat and half to the doubling glues. This plan I have rejected because I have first asked the stability in question and 2. the pad on the seat was after cutting the feet only a maximum of 1 cm. Without further ado, I broached the doubling of the seat with the circular saw and separated with a chisel out again. The feet I asked simply to adjust the central struts to the designated locations.

The center braces have been secured with a Lamello and a screw at a 45 ° angle. The position of the Lamello in the middle brace was clearly defined, but the postion of Lamello on foot had chosen such that the funds stay exactly in the center later to "X" - the foot can be secured.

After milling the Lamello groove in the feet, they were glued and clamped. With an auxiliary structure, the two center braces have been glued and screwed to the same height.

The works continued but a little longer than planned out and it was already 20 o'clock on Sunday evening I have gone home. After a night in forcing these have dissolved and made the last For grinding work. The wooden bench I then first stored on the goats, for carry alone the wooden bench with this weight from the workshop up in dining room is too athletic, unless you're standing on quirks in doors :-)

Since my wife at work was our neighbor helped me the wooden bench on the desired place to carry into the dining room. If necessary, the Bank can now be placed on the table.

The end of the project wooden bench has attracted somewhat by many small private matters. Last week it was finally over and the wooden bench was again taken to the workshop to the coat of Osmo Natural Oil color to wear.

The wooden bench I painted in two sections, the first section, I painted the lower part. After the 1st coat I have the surface by hand slightly roughened with 180 sandpaper and applied the second coat of paint.

In Section 2 I have the seats removed in the same way, only that I have used for grinding the flat surface to orbit sander.

After drying has recaptured the space provided on the wall outside the kitchen the Bank.

If necessary, the Bank will now be provided with the Large table and guests can take bursts. For a little more comfort my wife will buy some foam and sew a matching reference for it.

I am very happy that it all worked out without much difficulty in the new workshop. Every beginning is difficult, that is almost all that and therefore I hope that the first reporting liked it. Feedback in the form of a comment, whether positive or negative are desired. I'm glad. If anyone want to start woodworking project. I highly recommended this tutorial. I hope you enjoy to start wood working project.

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