Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wood Project: Regal hardwood country-style

A beautiful bay, country-style, which is really very solid and strong.
Is become great.

Tools needed
Miter saw
Cordless Screwdriver
dowel Help

1 Material Material

5x Solid wood panels (2.8 cm) in pine 30x80cm
4x Construction Timber (2,5x4,5) in pine 160cm long
10x construction timber (2,5x4,5) In pine 24.5cm long
Kindling of pine (2,5x1,5) in pine for the pursuit
10 screws and covers
some glue

2 Cutting, dyeing connect,

The wood can be bought at the hardware store, and etc the screws ..
The wood is then tailor lengths in the indicated above and to remove from the desired color.
First, the two side parts are assembled with the struts.
Given the 2 long sides (160cm) and 5 short (24.5cm) are needed.
These were then joined by means of a dowel gauge and plug together.
After this step, the braces are inserted and secured with glue.

3 assembly, insert plates

After the two sides have been completed, they are to be connected to the solid wood boards. These screws are used and these were provided with covers so that no can be seen. It is important that you vorbohrt the wood.
Last sin the two struts Rear insert with glue

4 Done!

The shelf is really stable and very massive and heavy.

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